Ben Markoch

'Round Raleigh

'Round Raleigh

Brand Identity / Organization Concept

Created and developed by a team of designers that included myself, Emma Eble, Lily Hurr, and Riley Meek, 'Round Raleigh is a theoretical organization that aims to create a community of city-minded individuals by connecting people who are new to Downtown Raleigh with those who have lived in the city for a longer period of time and are passionate about sharing it with others. These excited citizens, or "Raleigh-ites,” are encouraged to lead newcomers on informal explorations of the city based on their own interests and hobbies. By participating in these explorations, ‘Round Raleigh hopes to introduce newcomers to a group of people with which they can identify and discover their own favorite places around the city, so that they can eventually become passionate Raleigh-ites themselves. The organization includes services like guided explorations around Downtown Raleigh, a website and mobile app for sharing favorite places, creating, and learning about guided explorations, and an online profile tool to help newcomers and Raleigh-ites meet each other and learn about the city.

The idea of 'Round Raleigh was inspired by the rapid growth of the downtown area in recent years as well as other city-exploration campaigns conducted in Portland, Seattle, and Atlanta. By creating the organization, we hoped to continue to boost interest in North Carolina's capital as a destination and as a place where there is always something new to discover.

To learn more about 'Round Raleigh, look through the narrative booklet attached below! This booklet contains information about the organization's mission, story, and values, and speaks more about its brand, personality, and its interactions with the community.