Ben Markoch


b. 1986, HK.

Ben Markoch is a graphic designer from Raleigh, North Carolina. Currently he serves as the Managing Partner and Head of Operations at Paradigm Innovation, a team of global professionals who bring design and business together to help purpose-driven organizations achieve extraordinary success. He has worked with numerous national and international academic institutions, businesses, organizations, agencies, and startups on projects involving branding, visual design, user experience, and design strategy, and has traveled abroad throughout Europe, Asia, North, and South America. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, exploring new cities, cycling, drinking coffee, reading, and attempting to learn new languages, amongst other things.

Despite what this mug says, I am not, in fact, from Canada.

Clients :

NC State University
Duke University
The Cookie People
+ more

Services offered: 

Visual Design
User Experience Design
User Interface Design
Design Strategy
Event Promotion
Small Batch Screen Printing
+ more