Ben Markoch


b. 1986, HK.

I’m inspired by history, travel, and the little things that make us all human, regardless of where we’re from or what we believe in. Now, when it’s easier than ever to make something new, I’m driven to help others tell stories that are genuine and timeless. I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with numerous national and international academic institutions, businesses, organizations, agencies, and startups on projects involving branding, visual design, user experience, and design strategy. Currently I serve as the Managing Partner and Head of Operations at Paradigm Innovation, a team of global professionals who bring design and business together to help purpose-driven organizations scale and grow. Originally based in the US, my work has taken me throughout Europe, Asia, North, and South America.

Despite what this mug says, I am not, in fact, from Canada.

Relevant Skills :

Visual Design in Adobe Illustrator
Print Design in Adobe InDesign
Photo Editing in Photoshop
Web Design in Sketch and Photoshop
Website Production in Webflow and Squarespace
Prototyping in Invision
Wireframing in Whimsical
UI Design in Sketch and Adobe XD
Animation in Flash and After Effects
Presentation Production in Powerpoint and Keynote
Project Management and Operations in Person

Relevant Hobbies: 

Reading (I’m a Conan-Doyle fan)
The Outdoors (Beach and Mountains)
Coffee (or Tea when in England)
Languages (Parlez-vous français?)
Old Movies (My favorite’s Casablanca)